Week 4 & 5: Draft Copy’s & White boxing.

This week I have done on graph paper the designs of five levels. The reason why I have done five is to not overextend what I might achieve on the engine but although this is the case, I will also be doing more designs as a backlog in case I change certain designs or I have time to add more levels than this.

Level 1- Tutorial to level mechanics and simple level to gently sho the player how to play the game.

Level 2- Another simple Level to show jumping mechanics and more doors.

Level 3- This is the first level where the player(s) must work out how to beat the level due to multiple options.

Level 4- Difficulty increase

Level 5- Hardest Level

In these first five levels, I tried to keep the mechanics simple, the first five levels of the game would be mostly about the player getting used to mechanics. If I can I will create more with a new puzzle idea and will start using buttons, doors and something else.

After this, I have started white boxing level one and part of level two in the engine. I have also been looking into assets to use for my player characters.