Week 3: Research & Design Drafts.

I started to look into different puzzle mechanics I could put in a game for two players. With this I could go two different ways, I can use a vertical split screen were they will never meet but actions they do can affect the other playing field, for example opening a door for Player 1 by pressing a button on player 2’s screen or I could go a different route to something similar to Fire Boy and water girl were they can meet and you must figure out how to finish the level together with more paths making it slowly more complicated.

With this to consider, what I did start to do is simple mechanics that will work in both situations. For example, one design I have done is a button that the player can stand on to open different doors. Certain buttons will go towards certain doors. Another mechanic I have been designing are moving platforms and potential collectibles to make sure the player has more of a goal to work towards completing the level. This means they cannot finish the level without getting the collectibles.

For next week I am setting myself a goal to have a number of levels in mind and have drawn their first rough draft in what they are going to look like.