Week 15: Polish up and Artifact hand in

With deadlines close, I’ve decided to keep the 5 levels I’ve managed to make and kept them simple, with this, I’ve polished them up and tried to make sure that it is working to the best as I can get it. I’ve also been adding sound to the game, looking for upbeat music and sounds for the characters. With the artifact hand in next week, ill be concentrating on ensuring the game is playable and simple to understand through its tutorial. I would have liked to have added more puzzles to the artifact overall.

Week 13 and 14: level 4 & 5

In these two weeks, I have almost completely finished the last two levels, with this, I’ve also been testing each level to make sure that there aren’t any bugs in the game, so far I have come across a couple, for example, every time I finished level 4, it would reset and not go onto level 5. I managed to fix this with online tutorials.

Level 4:

Level 5:

Week 10 & 11: Finishing level 1,2 and 3

With the next couple of weeks, I have been finishing off the first two levels and putting in the mechanics through tutorials. The mechanics in place are a double jump for one character, climbing for the other as well as collecting small golden discs.

The last mechanics that I put in the first three levels as the mechanics to open up the doors by pressing the correct buttons and also being able to finisht he level by bringing both characters to the music box once all objectives have been collected.


Week 8 & 9: First & second level

In these two weeks, I have started to create assets for my game, since most younger people are into technology, for my two characters I’ve decided to use an iPod for the more modern one and a record player disc for the classical or older era. Both characters have individual strengths. The iPod can climb up ladders and the disc can double jump.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Week 7: UI

This week I have stopped working on white boxing and I have started to implements the UI into the game. Since I am making the game simple the type of UI I have put in place is simple to use, when the game loads up it will show the start screen, from there you can play the game easily. Once in game, you can pause if you wish to.

Week 6: Progress Review

In this week I took the time to complete my progress review which is one of my hand ins (1st March). In this review, I will show types of mechanics I have decided to put into my game. I have explained it as a 2D puzzle platformer with potential Rythum elements to it (if I have time). Another mechanic I thought of for solo player is if the player could swap between the different player characters instead of having to play both at the same time as if like a solo and multiplayer mode.

It also explains the controls of the game too that I am most likely to include. It also explains that the player must jump on platforms (buttons) to open doors and to try and finish puzzles. I also go into how they must collect objects to finish the level.

Another element’s id like to potentially ad if I have time is different zones that only the certain character in question can enter, giving a death mechanic in the game. This later could also mean enemies.

I also show some images of inspirations that have given me a simple but colorful idea.

I also talk about how the UI will be simple too with only a pause menu and a play game menu.


Week 4 & 5: Draft Copy’s & White boxing.

This week I have done on graph paper the designs of five levels. The reason why I have done five is to not overextend what I might achieve on the engine but although this is the case, I will also be doing more designs as a backlog in case I change certain designs or I have time to add more levels than this.

Level 1- Tutorial to level mechanics and simple level to gently sho the player how to play the game.

Level 2- Another simple Level to show jumping mechanics and more doors.

Level 3- This is the first level where the player(s) must work out how to beat the level due to multiple options.

Level 4- Difficulty increase

Level 5- Hardest Level

In these first five levels, I tried to keep the mechanics simple, the first five levels of the game would be mostly about the player getting used to mechanics. If I can I will create more with a new puzzle idea and will start using buttons, doors and something else.

After this, I have started white boxing level one and part of level two in the engine. I have also been looking into assets to use for my player characters.



Week 3: Research & Design Drafts.

I started to look into different puzzle mechanics I could put in a game for two players. With this I could go two different ways, I can use a vertical split screen were they will never meet but actions they do can affect the other playing field, for example opening a door for Player 1 by pressing a button on player 2’s screen or I could go a different route to something similar to Fire Boy and water girl were they can meet and you must figure out how to finish the level together with more paths making it slowly more complicated.

With this to consider, what I did start to do is simple mechanics that will work in both situations. For example, one design I have done is a button that the player can stand on to open different doors. Certain buttons will go towards certain doors. Another mechanic I have been designing are moving platforms and potential collectibles to make sure the player has more of a goal to work towards completing the level. This means they cannot finish the level without getting the collectibles.

For next week I am setting myself a goal to have a number of levels in mind and have drawn their first rough draft in what they are going to look like.


Week 2: Proposal Hand in

With the hand in tomorrow, I’ve finished my proposal. After doing some research into games such as Sound Shapes, Fire Boy & Water Girl and other puzzle platformers, I decided I wanted to make a game which had puzzles but had two players if they want.

Overall the type of game ill be creating for my final year project is going to be a game that most people can play, the age restriction will be 3+ and the game overall will be colorful but simple. With this in mind I know that most younger people these days are getting into computer games or videos through social media, with this in mind I need to think carefully about how I’m going to catch the eye of the younger audience.

First Week: The proposal

With just under a week until my first deadline, I have been researching different ideas for what I can do for my FYP, I am normally a large fan of RPG games and in my free time put a lot of effort into document design in such areas but due to wanting to build a game with gameplay, RPG games can be too much of an overwhelming project. With this in mind, I decided to look more into another genre I’m familiar with, Rythum games. I have had a lot of inspiration from games such as OSU and guitar hero but overall I want to do something different.

Image result for osu

I looked into other games that had puzzles in it if I was to make a game I really want to do it as a 2D game. This is because of assets and other objects in the game will be a lot easier. I’ve also decided that I will be using unity as this is the engine I’m trying to become the most familiar with.

For my proposal, I will probably go for an easy, eye-catching game with puzzles and music since I can make simple mechanics with this in the engine and can concentrate on puzzle designs.