Murder at the Disco!

The last weekend in July was a busy one for some of our forensic alumni and Dr Helen Tidy who spent their time in the guise of the Forensic Ninja’s at Deer Shed Festival in North Yorkshire. The Forensic Ninja’s were performing in the Science Tent helping children solve “Murder at the Disco” through a set of clues found in the Crime Scene at Club Vortex.

Club Vortex – where time stands still and a medallion robbery goes horribly wrong…

Clues included footwear marks on the dance floor, DNA traces on cups, and fibres snagged on the medallion thieves have attempted to steal. The set was a collaboration between the Forensic Ninja’s and Bradford College, featuring giant Rubik’s cubes and over a 100 pompoms that fluoresced under UV light. Children were invited to investigate the scene, record the clues, then solve the crime in the lab next door to Club Vortex!

Linking footwear marks from the scene to the Suspects Shoes…

By carefully following the clues those that took part, they were able to establish that Vincent Vegas was indeed the thief and murderer – a great way to teach children about forensic science and a lot of fun for the Forensic Ninja’s. Over the weekend more than 350 children were taken through the scene and solved the crime!

Alongside our forensic alumni performing in the tent were Aardman animation (we all love making a Gromit!), electronic masterclasses with Look Mum No Computer, DivKid and Mylar Melodies, as well as Wrek Shop, MadLab, and VR to name a few things. Obviously the Forensics was one of the kids favourites!!

Other activities in the Science Tent included learning to make Gromit with Jim Parkyn from Aardman!

Post written by: Dr Helen Tidy


Hello everyone!

This is our new Teesside University Forensics (TUFs) blog brought to you by:-

    • Dr Graeme Horsman – Covering Digital Forensics.
    • Dr Amber Collings – Covering Forensic Science & Crime Scene Science.

We will be sharing with you insights into our academic, research, teaching and student activities across our Teesside University Forensic Team (TUFT). For our first post we just wanted to tell you a bit more about who we are and what we do!


Introducing our three clusters…

Computer & Digital Forensic (CDF) Cluster:-

Our CDF cluster consists of the BSc (Hons) Computer & Digital Forensics run by Mr Ben Findlay and MSc Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations run by Dr Graeme Horsman. Our activities include computer and mobile investigation, OSINT and online investigations by Mr Asher Rashid, digital evidence legal issues and testing and validation for evidence reliability purposes. 


Forensic Science (FS) Cluster:-

Within forensic science we run the following course led by Melanie Brown, BSc (Hons) Forensic Science , as well as the MSc Forensic Science run by Shirley Marshall. We have a super diverse team covering a huge range of forensic expertise; Forensic Biology from Mrs Helen Page, DNA, and body fluid analysis from Melanie and Shirley, Forensic Chemistry, and trace evidence from Dr Helen Tidy; Glass and footwear evidence from Mr Ian Parker; and Anatomy, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Ecology, and Biomechanics from Dr Amber Collings.


Crime Scene Science (CSS) Cluster:-

Within Crime Scene Science we have the BSc (Hons) Crime Scene Science run by Dr Gary Currie and MSc Crime Intelligence and Data Analytics run by Dr Mark Butler. Within this cluster we have a wealth of operational experience from former practitioners in crime scene investigation. Together, Gary, Mark, Ian, Mr Tim James, and Mr Peter Beveridge cover scene investigation and management, the gathering, recording, evaluating and presentation of evidence, as well as the science behind forensic analysis. 



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