Airwave 800 – David Carr

A compact design utilising a self-venting Tesla turbine to create a high-pressure cyclone; separating out dust and sub-micron particles. The design features an inbuilt carbon filter system that the exhaust gasses pass through at a low pressure to neutralise any harmful particles within the air, thus cleaning the air of harmful chemicals.

The product has been specifically designed to allow for long periods of continuous use, with built in channels through the brush-less motor to allow effecting cooling and to straighten out choppy airflow.

‘Balena’ Luxury Submarine – Jonathan Pearson

Explore coral reefs, ship wrecks, subsea formations and many areas of interest. The Balena presents comfortable viewing without the need or limitations of diving.

The deck allows the Balena to be used in the same way as an existing yacht when surfaced. The lower deck just below water level provides safe and comfortable access to the sea.

Travel unhindered by weather. In the case of a storm submerge below the effects on the surface and continue your journey smoothly and unaffected. Hydrogen fuel cells help lower environmental impact whilst increasing range and endurance. Twin jets produce a total power output of 1400bhp.

Jonathan Pearson now works as a Product Designer for i4 Product Design a Scottish based product development company located in Edinburgh. Check out their website at:

Jobsite Speaker – Beth Sanderson

The jobsite speaker is a solution for music enthusiasts who desire to enjoy the music they love while working on busy industrial sites. This speaker system offers the flexibility to create a multi-room speaker set up, or just create a more immersive individual sound experience. The trio of speakers are highly portable as they are all able to be carried in hand when they are connected together into one.

In addition, on each speaker is a ‘Push To Talk’ button, also known as PTT. This is similar to what is found on walkie-talkies and permits colleagues to communicate to each other along greater distances. This feature helps make the workplace more efficient, by making the communication between people easier and quicker when in a hectic environment. Additionally, this feature will temporarily cut off the music currently playing, which can prove to be important when there may be a crucial announcement.