My Planned Topic

My chosen topic for research and development is 3D modeling and texturing.Studying visual effects requires as many software as possible. Modeling with Maya may be the most basic work of my major. Both texture and animation are based on modeling. Only by laying the most solid foundation for myself can l contribute to the developed study. As l know, an elegant 3D model looks highly simulated, and at the same time, some tiny details need to be depicted according to the physical objects to achieve a high level of authenticity. As long as l want to do this job well, l need to pay more patience and be careful enough. There is no doubt that this is the best exercise for me, so that I can capture every detail in the process of observation and get new inspiration,it can enable me to do anything on the work,this is the reason why this part makes me most interested in.After that, we need to match the most suitable texture with the completed model, and master how to adjust the data in the software , such as adjusting the luster of metal and the roughness of wood materials, which will give people the most realistic feeling visually. These are perhaps the most basic skills that visual effects courses need, and all the upper production by other software are all based on it.As well,l will be able to apply what l have explored and developed in this module to my other modules,for example in the group work where l will be making 3D furniture models.

3D modeling and texture


Using MAYA modelling is tiring , because there are so many details and they are likely to influence the following steps. l have finish a cabinet , it is a small part of our work. l did not know how to do it quickly , so l broke it into pieces , one by one. First the pillars above, then the little things everywhere. At last ,perfect its UV. At the same time , l also got a lot of help . This allowed me to finish it faster.

2 .Texture

It is my first time to use substance painter , l think it is truly a useful and interesting. After l finished UV and  modelling, l have been studying how to do well in using it. Unfortunately, something was wrong with the UV. Some of the small parts could not be covered by material, and l felt helpless and l tried many times to fix it. After l succeed in fixing it, the curving on it was the final step but l might not be able to do it well, so l use it instead.