3D modeling and texture


Using MAYA modelling is tiring , because there are so many details and they are likely to influence the following steps. l have finish a cabinet , it is a small part of our work. l did not know how to do it quickly , so l broke it into pieces , one by one. First the pillars above, then the little things everywhere. At last ,perfect its UV. At the same time , l also got a lot of help . This allowed me to finish it faster.

2 .Texture

It is my first time to use substance painter , l think it is truly a useful and interesting. After l finished UV and  modelling, l have been studying how to do well in using it. Unfortunately, something was wrong with the UV. Some of the small parts could not be covered by material, and l felt helpless and l tried many times to fix it. After l succeed in fixing it, the curving on it was the final step but l might not be able to do it well, so l use it instead.