In this assignment, what l did is mainly about collecting the information that accords with the scene characteristics, and making 3D models matched with the most suitable textures . Textures and 3D models always have a deep relationship in the scene, and high-quality 3D models also contain good textures. First of all, I need to make some 3D models through Maya according to the furniture needed by the scene. On this basis, I need to use substance painter to make some textures that are most suitable for the models. When necessary, I will also watch some tutorial videos to solve the problems l have. At the same time, the tutorial videos also enable me to learn some more new practical skills,so that I can complete the task of the group as effectively as possible and speed up the work process.Collecting information enriched my knowledge and made me understand how to distinguish different kinds of furniture and some more extra knowledge about the different backgrounds of different ones. The process of making 3D model,is also an exercise my patience, because I am very eager to do it well, so I also pay great attention to details, and often compare pictures of real objects. On the texture, I judged the material of the object according to my knowledge, including color and luster, and tried to ensure the authenticity of the model. Through this study, I have gained a lot and developed myself,it makes me know what actually l need to do in such kind of work.