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I looked up some information about furniture styles, in order to do well in the work of next step, it is necessary to know  the diversity,difference and features of different furniture styles, which will be highly helpful to organize references. Different styles of furniture are derived from historical backgrounds and favored by people in different times. The general styles are considered as Bauhaus style, imperial style, Victorian style, and Chinese style,which are also made of different materials. In addition,material is quite important in the modeling process, it is because the correct use of materials is the first step in making the good model, therefore l need to find out more about the main materials matched with different styles of furniture. According to the group design plan, properly matched materials should be selected. After l knew the appearances of the furniture in different styles, in order to handle the upper work to complete, l also watched some videos about texturing by Substance Painter, it showed me the steps to compete the wooden texturing on the basis of a house. Some of the object l need to do is also made of wood, so they have somewhere in common, and this is the reason why l selected this video as one of the references. Here are few examples.

Bauhaus style

Bauhaus was originally the name of a German art school in the early 20th century. As  introduced by Art Team, after moving to Berlin in 1932, it was forced to close down in 1933. But it has left a far-reaching influence and created a brand-new design style. Its goal is to reconnect art with life. It is most famous in architecture, performing arts, design and applied arts, and this style is also reflected in furniture.What’s more, as  the  Museum Furniture website shows, Bauhaus is actually an another calling for furniture modernist style . This type of furniture is quite different from the earlier furniture design, because it emphasizes simplicity and lightness. It was a preamble of modernism and functionalism, the lines are more clear, the shapes are more simple and neat.Though it has been changed in shapes. Its development situation from the visual heavy development to be lighter the on visual. This kind of furniture were more focused on practical value, and the materials used are steel, glass, bent wood, leather and plastic. The most commonly used colors are black, white, brown, gray and chrome. Sometimes, the primary colors of furniture are used occasionally, which usually has a bright appearance. So far, Bauhaus is everywhere in modern design which is never outdated. Here are some examples.

Le Corbusier arm chair(Bauhaus)

Figure 1:Le corbusier arm chair(Bauhaus).Source URL:

Figure 2:Barcelona table (Bauhaus).Source URL:

Victorian style

The Victorian style, an art restoration style formed from 1837 to 1901, during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 19th century, it reused classical features and abandons the aesthetics of mechanical reason, began a new definition of the value of art in human life, which called “Victorian style”. The style of Victorian furniture is mainly huge, full, with eclectic decorations. As the  Museum Furniture website shows ,the Matrix derived from various retro styles, such as Rococo Scroll, Gothic spire. These features are often mixed into this style, and a variety of new process technologies are used as a means of production, iron was also used as the partly material of the furniture. This style of furniture was created. Many Victorian furniture designs are widely based on other earlier styles of furniture design. Here are the representatives.

Figure 3:Victorian style pedestal.source URL:

Figure 4:Victorian style dinning table.Source URL:

Figure 5:Victorian style lvory inlaid cabinet in ebony ,1867.Source URL:

Chinese style

Chinese-style furniture is usually used to refer to furniture with Chinese characteristics of the Ming(1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1911) dynasties. It is because this style was basically formed during these two period and laid the foundation for the upper furniture development. The Ming Dynasty was a turning point in the development of Chinese-style furniture, it can be regarded as the late development of Chinese furniture are based on the furniture style of this period. Softy is the characteristic of this kind of furniture, hardwood will be used as the material, and this style is unique, it is  exquisite on the selection of materials. The Mahogany, is usually used as the main material of Chinese furniture. This type of furniture,in addition to proportional symmetry, patterns and decorations, as well as its lines, all have aesthetic feeling. Furthermore, as a result of thousands of years’ development, Chinese furniture artists have accumulated a large number of decorative experience, exquisite skills, which lead to the development of the furniture and combine the unique elements with the recent life style  successfully and redefine the Chinese way of life. Also, there is some examples from Best Contemporary Chinese Furniture.

Figure 6:coffee table in Chinese style,1900.Source URL:

Figure 7:chair designed by Lv YongZhong,Banmoo,2002.Source URL:

Figure 8:table designed by SongTao,Self-made Company,Shanghai,2006.Source URL:

I also did some research on the materials used in English furniture,as Victorian furniture is certainly a branch of British furniture, it will have a lot in common. As mentioned by Candee and Helen Churchill(2016) introduced the development of different features of English furniture in different periods and the materials used, such as oak furniture in Tudor period, walnut furniture from the Stuart period. In short, no matter what period of time, Walnut and oak are used as the main materials, which are widely used in tables, chairs, sofas and beds, decorated with plenty of exquisite patterns and exquisite carving.


In addition, I found some information about French furniture listed by Esther Singleton (1903), which ranges from decorative art to bright and shiny decorative features from Louis Xiii of France to imperial period furniture in France, gold plating and metal are widely used in this style, and later this style of furniture also spread to the United Kingdom, this type of furniture and British furniture has a certain relationship.

Figure 9:French chair in Louis XIII. Period,Candee, H.C. (2016) .E-book,Jacobean Furniture and English Styles in Oak and Walnut

Figure 10:French furniture in empire period,Candee, H.C.(2016) .E-book,Jacobean Furniture and English Styles in Oak and Walnut


After selecting the Victorian style, we built the framework for relevant models the overall scene. In scene design,  the unity of styles is very important, it is because every single models inside are all linked to it,once in the scene mixed with the models on other style, there is no doubt it can not be suitable. l don’t know a lot about the types of furniture, thus it is worth to spend more time  finding out the the classification of furniture. While l was making it, l paid attention to looking for the texture which is accurate to every model. The right textures will give people perfect visual feelings, like the real object.At the same time, Victorian style will be used as the references for the 3D models that l need to make later, it gave me a slight expectation on what the model should be like. Moreover, it not only gave me  the model  reference, but also enriched my knowledge gaps, such as the various styles of furniture produced by different background and period in different materials. Every part in this work, make me notice the necessary conditions and the right steps on the kind of work. In summary, I think this blog is no more than just a  generalization of work, it’s a way to teach us how to prepare work well and get a good start. Furthermore, it is helpful to improve our ability to do such kind of work and also the communication to the team members. Everything we did will probably happen in our future work.This is equivalent to a simulation of the work we will be occupied in.For myself, working hard to finish each step will certainly enable me to gain experience and improve myself, not only on making 3D models, but also comprehend the importance and functions of preparing before starting work. After that I will have a clear way to deal with it and make a plan with the right ideas in my future work. With regards to the plan in the future work. l will still devote myself into modeling. During the modeling process, no matter which types of 3D models, the soul of it is collecting helpful references and learning from relevant examples. In this way, l could learn the features of different classification of model, which will bring in more creative ideas and complete every step of the final work.

 Victorian furniture in the scene
In short film production, modelling and scene elements is a very important part with no doubt. And the style is connected with the elements in the scene. The Victorian style of furniture is a style full of classical features but not ancient. This style was chosen because it is still popular with different groups of people. It is also easily to be accepted, and it has a certain sense of age, but not fancy. This time, it is taken as the main object of study, so as to have the most suitable reference when modelling. This style can be reflected in every part of the scene in the video which we need to do in our group work. The preliminary investigation is not simple. First of all, make sure that the style and pace of all kinds of furniture in the scene must be consistent. First of all, this kind of style is the most important step in the whole work. If the setting of style is not completed, it may become difficult in the later stage, which will affect the progress of modelling. The foundation of this stage also sets the tone for the later work, making the purpose of the next work more clear, letting people know what kind of furniture this style looks like, what type it belongs to, and modelling on this basis is much easier. Finally, the elements in the scene and the number of coordinating furniture are increased, and the most appropriate reference materials are prepared and modeled according to them, so that the scene is richer and clearer, and the model is more suitable for the characteristics of the scene. This lays a solid foundation for the later video production, so as to attract the audience’s attention.

 My application of  mixing Victorian style into work
More and more people like to decorate their houses with this style and add classical features to their rooms. In this video we made, the furniture style revolves around the Victorian style, and keeps the furniture style in the scene consistent, including sofa, table and chair with various small accessories. Therefore, we need to find a high volumes of information and pictures for reference, so that they can be made as accurately as possible to be  better fitted to the scene in the video. It takes me a lot of time to collect all kinds of reference materials and pictures, which also means that there will be enough time to understand what this style of furniture looks like, because it is an important part of the layout and coordination of the scene. In the early stage, my work is to collect all kinds of information about this style of furniture. I have found many good furniture pictures, but some of them were more or less flawed, some were too complex, some were too modern, or conflict with the classical. Although some of them are deeply rooted in my heart, it is a shame that they always deviate from the Victorian style more or less Lattice, so they can’t be used as references.

My first work is a cabinet

Figure 11:Screenshot of 3D model of a cabinet.Modeled in Maya by LiuChang,UK(2019)

. Several columns may be the more important part of the cabinet, which needs careful treatment. At first, it’s just a cylinder style. Later, it needs countless edge loops to control the undulation and the thickness of each segment. If it is made rough, it will lose its ornamental value. These columns can also be said to be one of the most important small details above. I dare to neglect the details. I can only adjust them step by step, circle by circle, so as to achieve the most accurate effect. The concave and convex feeling on the cabinet also needs to be reflected, so I spent more time to adjust it so that it has ups and downs and won’t be abrupt. The process of colouring was not easy for me at that time, because I need to learn substance painter at that time, which l had to spend more time on, because this software was very useful for selecting material maps. After watching a series of videos, I initially learned how to use it, and then completed its material, which made me feel relieved. Its style is similar to that of Victorian, and it doesn’t give a sudden feeling when it is put into the scene. This is the first model l made.
The second model is a staircase,

Figure 12:Screenshot of 3D model of a staircase.Modeled in Maya by LiuChang,UK(2019)

which is not so easy for me, so it took me more time. I need to focus on every separate part, the details are always very important,because they are the key to make a better model. After they have become a whole, and have completed the parts that need to be bent, what l need to do is complete its radian, and make sure its UV without problems, avoid it being a failed model, instead of  making a new one. On every step, I had to be  careful enough, pay attention to all the details I can see with my naked eyes, because I am eager to complete it successfully, and it also gives me great pressure. I put the centre on the steps and railings, which are significant parts. Their arrangement and placement are very important to the whole model. After carefully completing them, adjusting the curvature of bending and distinguishing the UVs, I feel relieved. In order to make its material more refined and practical, I went online to find the white marble material,

Figure 13. Texture of marble, URL:

in a round After screening, the most suitable one was selected. After rendering, we finally have different effects in details and as a whole.

In addition to these two models, it took me some time to make the clock on the wall, because the structure is not as simple as I thought, some parts are made of glass. At first, I was too obsessed with the luster and authenticity of the glass, which made me very confused. After several trials, I finally made the best effect. Then there are the dial and the pointer. Although they are all relatively small details, they should still be paid attention to, because small details are enough to determine everything, and are also the criteria for judging whether a model is fine or not. Moreover, the pointer and dial are clearly visible through the glass and reflection, so they should be taken seriously even though they are small. I took care of every part of the clock, and I spent a long time working on it, just to get the best results.

My progress

I am very keen to find information, because it allows me to learn more about a variety of knowledge, but also can give me a clear goal, let me clear about their next work. First of all, I am interested in historical things myself, and I am eager to observe the different classifications, so that I can distinguish them more accurately, so that I can have a deep understanding of their structures and the speciality, in which has given me a much better understanding of the different categories, and I’ve learned a lot about modelling, in which I learned how to choose references and make them more effective.