Week 5: Finishing the Blockout and Inserting asset pack

After looking at the references I have been able to get a finished blockout of how the level is going to look, It looks better than I thought it was going to and I then started on inserting the assets from the asset pack to make the level come to life however I did it by section to get an idea of how to put certain mechanics into the area just in case if I wanted to change up the level design slightly as I might have an idea to add more to the level such as another room with mechanics to add more puzzles to level so I would need to get the game feel sorted then trying out the idea of having spikes as a hazard so that the player will need to turn them off to progress through the level. I will be continuing on adding more assets to the level design and adding in mechanics to the level to make it playable.

Week 4 Level Design and finishing Ai

I decided to do my level design in blockout to get an idea of how my level is going to look then get an asset pack to change it around. I was having issues as I tend not to make level design and haven’t since second year of university and I was mostly looking at references to get and idea of how to set up my level while also figure out the best way to introduce gameplay to that section of the level. So while I was looking at some references to use I was continuing working with my zombie AI as I was setting up the animations to work with the behaviour tree such as the enemy melee, and when the zombies dies, I was able to get the melee working as I was having some issues with setting up an animation montage but then realised it needed to be attached to the behaviour tree to be able to work. It was also the same death animation however I was also having to make a node so when the zombies dies the AI controller stops functioning and not constantly follow the player in the death animation. Next week i’ll be continuing on with the level design as I have enough references to get an idea of how it’s going to look.

Week 3: Enemy Behaviour trees and continuing with mechanics

This is the week I started to look into setting up an enemy behaviour tree for my enemy AI this is my second time ever using a behaviour tree and that was in my first semester of second year and it was basic knowledge of how to use them. So I had set up all the animations in which I’m going to use for the zombie. I then got the enemy to be able to wander, chase and attack the player dealing damage to the player. I was also looking at references to get an idea of a mechanic so that the player can be able to receive gems as a form of currency so I needed to get an idea of how to revive the gems so i decided to make some lanterns in which the player will need to light up in order to have the gems come out the lantern. So that the player will be able to buy upgrades to the character or the weapons. So I made the character have a Torch which is on fire so that he can light them with. I was able to sort the animation I needed however I was having issues with setting up the torches particles for the fire as it wasn’t moving with the torch so I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to fix it and I was able to sort it out to move with the torch.


Week 2: Character Animations and Mechanics

During this week I’ve been working on setting up the mechanics for the character as I wanted to have a lot of the main mechanics working pretty early on so that I would be able to have them tested in a few weeks by multiple people and gain some feedback and see if anything would need changing to make the character to make it feel better to the player. So I set up a pistol and an assault rifle as the main two weapons then hopefully later on I will be able to make more weapons for the player to use and be able to switch to them when they want to and certain weapons will be able to do more damage than the other. I was also working on setting up a roll mechanic and was having a lot of testing i had to do with it to get the right feel for the animation so I was constantly speeding it up to get the right amount of timing of how long the animation plays.


Week 1: Pre Production

Throughout Week 1 I was working on completing the proposal ready for the deadline and doing some pre production through looking at asset packs to use which will be used for the level design and also certain gameplay blueprints , I was also working on getting a playable character in unreal 4 with animations that are gonna be used when setting up my character.

Legend Of The Sceptre (Final Year Project)

The Legend Of Sceptre

Ill be using this blog over the next couple of months as a form of documenting my progress in my Final Year Project. I will be posting weekly updates showing game play videos, and screenshots of the designs I have been working on throughout the project. I will be talking about why I may do something and what are my future steps when designing something. This is ultimately what I am doing throughout this project:

My idea was inspired by the game Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris in which I will be recreating game play mechanics with my own inspiration so that it would feel completely different such as the grapple hook, puzzles and character mechanics

The aim of the project is to be able to make a game to a industry level standard which has been designed and tested so the player will enjoy playing my game. whilst also keeping the game to the style of how it was inspired by.

Why Gameplay design?

Throughout University I was trying to find a certain goal of what I wanted to do and throughout multiple modules I chose to be a game play designer through the module journeyman I was put onto gameplay design by the leads due to my arachnaz module in which I really enjoyed creating a fun playable mission and I realised I wanted to improve on my blueprinting in unreal 4. So I kept pushing myself to be able to make gameplay mechanics and through the module beta arcade I was able to make a game in which I have never been able to before as I was making a party brawler and it was the most fun I had making a game as it was completely different to what I usually do. That’s why I chose my idea for FYP as i wanted to make something out of my usual projects so that I can work on many different genre of games instead of just one.

Why Lara Croft?

I chose Lara Croft as its a game in which I have a lot of love for not just the game i’m inspired by many other games in the series. it was a game I came across as I was into many other action adventure games such as uncharted, last of us and skyrim. So I wanted to make something I have passion for and inspired by when making games.

Image result for lara croft temple of osirisImage result for lara croft temple of osiris