Week 4 Level Design and finishing Ai

I decided to do my level design in blockout to get an idea of how my level is going to look then get an asset pack to change it around. I was having issues as I tend not to make level design and haven’t since second year of university and I was mostly looking at references to get and idea of how to set up my level while also figure out the best way to introduce gameplay to that section of the level. So while I was looking at some references to use I was continuing working with my zombie AI as I was setting up the animations to work with the behaviour tree such as the enemy melee, and when the zombies dies, I was able to get the melee working as I was having some issues with setting up an animation montage but then realised it needed to be attached to the behaviour tree to be able to work. It was also the same death animation however I was also having to make a node so when the zombies dies the AI controller stops functioning and not constantly follow the player in the death animation. Next week i’ll be continuing on with the level design as I have enough references to get an idea of how it’s going to look.