Week 3: Enemy Behaviour trees and continuing with mechanics

This is the week I started to look into setting up an enemy behaviour tree for my enemy AI this is my second time ever using a behaviour tree and that was in my first semester of second year and it was basic knowledge of how to use them. So I had set up all the animations in which I’m going to use for the zombie. I then got the enemy to be able to wander, chase and attack the player dealing damage to the player. I was also looking at references to get an idea of a mechanic so that the player can be able to receive gems as a form of currency so I needed to get an idea of how to revive the gems so i decided to make some lanterns in which the player will need to light up in order to have the gems come out the lantern. So that the player will be able to buy upgrades to the character or the weapons. So I made the character have a Torch which is on fire so that he can light them with. I was able to sort the animation I needed however I was having issues with setting up the torches particles for the fire as it wasn’t moving with the torch so I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to fix it and I was able to sort it out to move with the torch.