Legend Of The Sceptre (Final Year Project)

The Legend Of Sceptre

Ill be using this blog over the next couple of months as a form of documenting my progress in my Final Year Project. I will be posting weekly updates showing game play videos, and screenshots of the designs I have been working on throughout the project. I will be talking about why I may do something and what are my future steps when designing something. This is ultimately what I am doing throughout this project:

My idea was inspired by the game Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris in which I will be recreating game play mechanics with my own inspiration so that it would feel completely different such as the grapple hook, puzzles and character mechanics

The aim of the project is to be able to make a game to a industry level standard which has been designed and tested so the player will enjoy playing my game. whilst also keeping the game to the style of how it was inspired by.

Why Gameplay design?

Throughout University I was trying to find a certain goal of what I wanted to do and throughout multiple modules I chose to be a game play designer through the module journeyman I was put onto gameplay design by the leads due to my arachnaz module in which I really enjoyed creating a fun playable mission and I realised I wanted to improve on my blueprinting in unreal 4. So I kept pushing myself to be able to make gameplay mechanics and through the module beta arcade I was able to make a game in which I have never been able to before as I was making a party brawler and it was the most fun I had making a game as it was completely different to what I usually do. That’s why I chose my idea for FYP as i wanted to make something out of my usual projects so that I can work on many different genre of games instead of just one.

Why Lara Croft?

I chose Lara Croft as its a game in which I have a lot of love for not just the game i’m inspired by many other games in the series. it was a game I came across as I was into many other action adventure games such as uncharted, last of us and skyrim. So I wanted to make something I have passion for and inspired by when making games.

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