Doctor Who, Day of the Doctor Review

Doctor Who, Day of the Doctor

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I’m not saying I only like this film because I grew up with Doctor Who and I consider it to have made me the person that I am today, but that’s exactly what I am saying.

This film is a great combination of past Doctors and new Doctors that play past Doctors, like John Hurt who came into the franchise to play ‘The War Doctor’ which is a regeneration of the Timelord who in his mind lost the right to be the Doctor. John Hurt plays the role of the lost soul looking for forgiveness very well and you can see on the screen that he liked playing the Doctor and was not only in the film for the recognition.

There was a great use of special effects in the film both computer animated and real effects that they used and filmed, these came together well on the screen and make the film all the more better. In this film you know that they can’t make it without computer effects as they have a spaceship that is meant to materialise out of thin air.

All the actors in the film put their all into it as it was the 50th anniversary of the doctor who franchise. David Tennant reprised his role as the Doctor and came back to the show to play his character meeting the current Doctor in a timeline that we hadn’t seen previously in the show, this adds a side of mystery to the show as there are multiple Doctors on the screen at the same time.

I would definitely recommend this film to others not only to people that like doctor who but to others as well as I feel like it is a film that lots of types of people would like not just people that like Doctor Who.  If I’m honest I have watched this film about twenty times and I could happily watch it another twenty.

Spectre Review


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This film was Daniel Craig’s fourth time playing the super spy James Bond, in this film he is working again for MI6 as an agent in the 00 section. Although at the start of the film Bond is in Mexico during the day of the dead parade which is taking place in the streets of Mexico, but Bond is not there on a mission he is there for personal reasons. This is not clear though in the film until he is getting a scolding from M his boss.

In the film they tried to use as little computer effects as possible to make it as realistic as they could for the screen, like for example there was a scene in the film where he (spoiler alert) blows up the bad guys secret layer and when filming that they were given an award for the largest real explosion on screen. This shows that they put money into this film and they wanted it to do well, they know if they make it well then people like me will talk about it and get people like you to go and watch it then so on and so on.

Daniel Craig is in the role every ‘brit’ wants, you can see that he respects the role he has been given by giving the role everything he has in order to make the film as good as it can be. He prepares his body in such a way that you just know he doesn’t like, but he does it for the film.

They go all over the world in this film and you can tell in the scenes that it’s not all green screen and they actually went to those countries to film the scenes they needed to, to make the film come together.

If I was to sum up what I think of the film, I would say that this is one of Daniel Craig’s best performances yet not just because he is good in the film but because he enjoys his role and working with the different people on the films which makes the film come together even better on the big screen. I would definitely show this film to my friends and family.

Kingsman the Secret Service Review

Kingsman, the Secret Service,

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I don’t really know where to start with this film; if I’m honest I only went to watch this film because of the actors in the advert. Samuel L Jackson, Colon firth, Mark Strong and Michael Kaine. So with this being my incentive to watch the film I didn’t have a lot of expectations about the film, but, when I was watching the film I was on the edge of my seat the entire way through the film.

They have ways of making you keep guessing the entire way through the film on what’s going to happen next, this is good for the film as it keeps the audience there wanting to know what happens next and what happens to the characters.

There was a great storyline for this film with a great back story as well; I found that this was good the film as it shows the characters past, as well as what is currently happening in the film on screen.

The actors had good chances to play on each other’s strength and this shows on the screen when they own the scene and you can see that they are in control of what happens on the screen, I like the actors in this film because they all treat this film with respect as they know it could possibly be the start of a new franchise that could blow James Bond out of the water.

There is a range of emotions in this film that the audience would feel when they watch this film, one second you’ll be sad watching this then almost the next second you’d be feeling happy and laughing about what is on the screen. This is good for the film because it means that the audience would be more focused on the film and wanting to see what is going to happen and would give them a better viewing experience.

To sum up; I was in awe when I was watching this for the first time, I was upset when it finished and wanted to watch more of it. This is a fantastic film that had a lot of time and effort put into it, which comes across on screen and the actors put their heart into it and make it one of the best films of its time.

John Wick Chapter 2 Review

John Wick Chapter 2,

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This is the second film in the John Wick franchise; it is a continuation from the first film, both films are about Wick getting his revenge on someone who has wronged him. I like to consider myself as an action film fan; so this film is perfect for me, if you like action packed films full of blood, guts and gore then this is a good film for you to watch. Keanu Reeves as John Wick is the role he was born to play, the screenplay comes to life on the screen with Reeves doing all of his own stunts and learning all of the moves and skills he needs to know.

The entire time he is on screen you can see that Reeves plays the character very well, you can see from s acting and his attitude that he puts his heart and soul into this character. There were a lot of famous people in this film, one of them I am especially happy that they are in this film; Lawrence Fishburne, the moment I saw him on screen I got the biggest smile on my face. This being because the last film I saw them together in was the Matrix trilogy.

There was a great use of effects used in this film, they added a depth to the film that entices the audience more and more throughout the film. Most of the effects used were to add blood and guts into the scenes where Wick is killing the bad guys in the film, some people who watch this film might think that this is over the top in the film, but in my mind I think that it make it more realistic. Not that I would know what shooting someone in the head looks like.

Throughout the film they move around the world quite a lot and this is shown by the sets and the scenes where they are based, I think this is good in the film because they are able to go around the world and add a depth to the story that they wouldn’t be able to do if they were confined to just one country. They make these scenes come together on screen with the extras and the props that they use in screen.

To sum up; I loved this film and would happily consider this one of my favourite films of all time, I would definitely recommend this film to anyone that likes this genre of films or just Keanu Reeves.

Patriots Day Review

Patriots Day,

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Well this is one film that would hit the heart of anyone that watches it; based off of the true story of the Boston marathon bombing, all of the characters are based off the real men and women whether they are the victims or the emergency services that responded to what happened. The actors in this film gave this film the respect that it deserves, being as they weren’t just making a film they were telling a story about the bombings that has more depth in it then what was shown on the news when it happened.

Mark Wahlberg gave one of his best performances on camera in this film, he plays a detective in the Boston police department who is placed on police security for the marathon when the explosions take place. In the film they cannot show each individual police officer that was there helping in the heartbreaking aftermath, so they picked Wahlberg to represent all of them in one man.

There was a great use of effects in this film that were used to show the devastation that was caused because of the bombings, they tried to show how people were affected because of this terrible event.  There were other scenes in the film with explosions in them where they were fighting off the terrorists and hunting them down. They added these in to show what the police were going through in order to hunt the bombers down.

They have a great use of locations and scenes where they filmed all the scenes, they used scenes that were close to where the actual events really happened. One thing I liked in the film is that they used segments of real footage from the public from police searching the streets and the capture of the remaining terrorist from the attack.

This is a great film that I would definitely encourage people to watch this film as it pays tribute to all the people that lost their lives in the bombing and celebrates the people coming together to help find and take down the people behind the attack.

Logan Review


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This is one of the best action packed, emotional and on the edge off your seat film I’ve ever watched, the use of characters and emotions in the film made it one of the best (spoiler alert) send offs for two of the best characters in the X-men universe. This film has so many aspects to it, that when they come together they make an unimaginable piece of art.

In the film they use a wide range of locations that they use to change the direction of the story; whether it’s an abandoned power plant, a casino, a farmhouse or even a doctor’s office in a small town. They use the full potential of these locations to get the most of out the story they are showing.

I’m not saying I like this film just because I like Hugh Jackman but as Wolverine he puts his heart and soul into what he does on screen, yes Hugh Jackman is one fantastic actor and is great in all of the films he does but especially for this one as when they were filming Jackman realised that for his character there could be no better exit. So for him this film was his farewell from the franchise, this proves that the emotions you see him having in screen are real and from the heart.

Is this film they use different effects and props that bring the film to life, for example in the film they have a lot of gunfight scenes where they used a mix of blanks and special effects for the gunshots, then there were the wounds from the gun on the different people in the film including Jackman himself. They were put in with special effects then added in after with make up to add detail to the wounds after.

To sum up I like this film a lot and could easily watch it 10 times in a row; I would definitely recommend it to anyone that like action films or even if they only like Hugh Jackman, this is the film to watch.

13 Hours Review

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13 Hours,

Now I was unsure about this film when I heard about it; when I saw the trailer for the I thought it looked awesome but I wasn’t sure about the storyline in the film, as this film was based off a true story I thought that it would be a cheap rip off of real life warfare that has happened. I was wrong though as when I watched the film for the first time I loved every second of it, now usually I don’t sit through the part of an action film that aren’t action but they had the right balance in this film to not make it boring or uneventful.

There was not a lot of computer enhancing used in the film; this is good though because all of the effects used the film were real, they used blanks in the guns and explosives for the grenades and mortar strikes so that the gunshots and explosives are real on screen.

I especially like the actors in this film; not just because they are good at what they do but because they took this film very seriously, they learned all the aspects of what happened in the warfare that the real soldiers that endured it then represented that on the screen.

It was surprising how well constructed the sets where they were filming were, now I’m not saying I know what it looks like in war zones but watching the made me think that’s what they look like just on a smaller scale then a full war.

One thing I didn’t like in the film is that they didn’t have a deeper background into more of the main characters in the film, they only had a deep look into one of the characters, which in my mind made me think ‘right we’ve seen his lovey dovey life and happy family, he’s gonna be the first to die’ then again I didn’t see him in that role to start with seeing as it was John Krasinski from the office.