Dr Jamie Bojko’s latest publications

A series of new publications by our very own prolific Dr Jamie Bojko are presented here:

Bojko et al. 2022. Pathology and genetic connectedness of the mangrove crab (Aratus pisonii) – a foundation for understanding mangrove disease ecology.

Bojko et al. 2022. ‘Candidatus Mellornella promiscua’ n. gen. n. sp. (Alphaproteobacteria:
Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae): An intracytoplasmic, hepatopancreatic, pathogen of the flatback mud crab, Eurypanopeus depressus.

Stratton et al. 2022. Revising the Freshwater Thelohania to Astathelohania gen. et comb. nov., and Description of Two New Species.

Stratton et al. 2022. The plot thickens: Ovipleistophora diplostomuri infects two additional species of Florida crayfish.

Lecturer in Geography (1 Posts)

Our Department is advertising for one permanent positions of lecturer in geography with specialism in GIS and river and coastal systems. The newly appointed lecturer has an opportunity to take a leading role in our Earth, Ecology and Environment research collective and bring their own research and/or consultancy expertise.

The job ad can be found following the two links below:


Teesside HR

If you would like to discuss how your research could fit within the Earth, Ecology and Environment research collective – please get in touch with Ambroise a.baker@tees.ac.uk.

Call for Expressions of Interest in Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships

Teesside University, the School of Health and Life Science, and the Earth, Ecology and Environment research collective are welcoming expressions of interest in Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships.

The research areas of existing strength are as follows:

  • Climate change Impacts and palaeoclimate reconstruction
  • Archaeological advances in preservation and outreach
  • Sustainable agriculture and aquaculture
  • Rewilding for ecological recovery and sustainability
  • Sustainable food supply chain and environmental impact
  • Microbial biotechnology and bioremediation

Contact point for inquiries: Dr Ambroise Baker (A.Baker@tees.ac.uk)

Dr Baldini’s collaboration with the Durham Wildlife Trust to research microplastic pollution from Source to Sea

Plastic pollution in the marine environment is widely recognised as one of the major challenges of our time. In an attempt to contribute to addressing this problem Dr Lisa Baldini and the Durham Wildlife Trust decided to tackle the problem at the source. The project from Source to Sea investigates the source and abundance of plastics in river sediments and waters focussing on the River Wear. This work will not only inform conservation work for the river Wear, but also benefit coastal habitat in the North Sea where plastic get transported to and, importantly, serve as a case study of international relevance.

Sampling field work has been conducted throughout the summer and into the autumn of 2021.

Dr Jamie Bojko and PhD Candidate Amy Burgess in the news

Dr Jamie Bojko and Amy Burgess shared their expertise in an interview with ITV, following the crustacean mass kill observed on Teesside coastline. The incident is being investigated by the Environmental Agency and CEFAS. You can catch up with the interviews following this link to ITV.com: Why are hundreds of crabs washing up dead on Teesside’s beaches?

The news and the interview was widely relayed in the press.


We are proud to announce that four members of the Earth, Ecology and Environment research collective have been promoted to senior lecturer:

Dr Lisa Baldini, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science (Research & Innovation)

Dr Danny McNally, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography (Research and Innovation)

Dr Jamie Bojko, Senior Lecturer in Disease Ecology (Research and Innovation)

Dr Ambroise Baker, Senior Lecturer in Ecology (Research and Innovation)

We can expect many more promotion to come in the coming years following the University’s research path, of the academic progression framework.