Heya, i’m Emily Burns! I’m a final year student at Teesside University I’ve been working my way through the game development scene since 2017 and put out my own commercial game in 2020 called Radio Waves! Here I’ll be running through my experiences week by week on a university group project.
As part of our team, called Little Red Games, I’m the stage/environment developer. If it’s a platform, stage hazard or anything the player interacts with in-game, it goes through me! I’ll also likely be helping out with portions of the stage design with the designers. 


As Little Red Games, we’re working on a fairytale-themed party platformer called Furever After that puts more emphasis on the ‘platformer.’ Furever After involves up to four players on an large map competing to collect a set amount of collectables to win. Collectables will spawn around the map randomly and can be stolen from players by attacking them. 

(Note: This section will change as parts of the game are developed.)


Why are we working on Furever After? It’s a university project for a module called “Beta Arcade.”

While working on the project, I’m putting together this dev diary as a way to better track mine and the team’s progress throughout the weeks, making it easier to show what I’ve done as part of the module. It also acts as something of a portfolio piece, showing my skills in context. Most of all, this isn’t mandatory, so it’s also just a bit of fun!

(I should note this is all completely from my perspective, you’ll only be hearing about stuff from what I’ve done. If you want tidbits about art or AI or whatnot then you’re outta luck.)

Thanks for reading!