Week 2 – Little Red Games!

As of the second week of the project, our team finally has a name to call our own! Initially, we went by the moniker of “Sigma Arcade” (a pun on “Beta Arcade”, the name of the unit this project is for.) Whether we were going to keep that name or not was initially up in the air, since we didn’t have any other ideas. Instead we decided to wait on theming our idea before coming up with a name, but more on that later.

On Monday (Oct 4th ’21), we held our first team meeting in the student union to decide on an idea as a team. From the get-go we decided we all wanted to work on a 3D platformer of sorts until our 3D prop artist came in with a fully fleshed, almost complete idea akin to the game Bullets Per Minute (2020). However, we turned down that idea on the basis that it was an idea that him and a friend were working on regardless, so it wouldn’t really be our game as it would be a tech demo for them. As well, it seemed way too out of scope for us to even get close to finishing in the twelve weeks we have to finish. Instead, a few nights before the meeting, me and a friend sat down and brainstormed how we could further develop our 3D platformer idea. Eventually, we settled on this initial pitch:

“The game is a 3D multiplayer party platformer game for a general audience that puts more emphesis on the ‘platformer’ than the ‘party.’ The game involves up to four players on an arena-based map competing to collect a set amount of Collectables to win. Collectables will spawn around the map randomly and can be stolen from other players by attacking them.”

We left out a few things so that the rest of the team could more easily have a say and thankfully the rest of the term took to our idea quite well. The next thing we had to decide on was an engine and a theme for the game. I had insisted that we rule out a general ‘spaceship’ theme from the beginnning as to not draw comparison from our game to Among Us (2018), perhaps the most popular party video game in recent memory. Eventually, we settled on a Chibi art style and two potential theming ideas: A high-fantasy / fairtytale-esque theme (somewhat based around the theming of the movie Shrek), or a pantheonic myths-and-legends theme (seemingly based from one of our programmer’s fondness for the game SMITE.) We also decided pretty early on that we’d be working in the Unity engine. Many of our team members are programmers and know both the Unity engine and C# pretty well.

Little Red Games logo

By the end of the week, we had decided on the fairytale theme. From there, we also decided that the first and main player character would be Little Red Riding Hood, easily fitting the 4-player Red-Blue-Yellow-Green colouration that almost all party games use. With that, we came to settle on the name “Little Red Games” for our team.

And that just about wraps up Week 2 really. We finally have a name to call ourselves and a game in the works. Who knows what we would’ve been called if we’d gone down the Myths-and-Legends theme?

By Emily Burns

Heya, I'm Emily! I'm a Teesside student studying games development. I'm mainly here for my Journeyman blog.