Week 1 – Gathering a Team

Hello! This first week was mostly about gathering a team for the project, so there’s not really much to write about when it comes to game development, or anything really.

When it came to actually putting together a team, there was almost no trouble whatsoever. There was already a team of five of us ready before the unit even started because the five of us already live in a house together and all do the unit, so it was a no-brainer to work together. As for the other half of the team, we gathered them the week. Our sixth and seventh members were 3D artists that we had known since the first year and were both at the time team-less, so picking them up was easy. Members eight and nine were an artist and a programmer who were previously planning to work with another team, but liked our initial idea and found better prospects working with us instead. Finally, our tenth and final member was a fellow Technical Development student who was looking for a team. Technical Development is a small course where we pretty much all know each other, so we knew what he was capable of and were happy to have him aboard.

Compared to many other teams, who at the time of writing are still looking for members, we managed to bring ours together very quickly. Hopefully this is a sign that everybody will work well together and that our finished product will be great!

By Emily Burns

Heya, I'm Emily! I'm a Teesside student studying games development. I'm mainly here for my Journeyman blog.