The Internet is for everyone

Remember back in the day (i.e. last year) when everyone was sharing photos like this and feeling oh so smug?

[Photo by Hold my ARK from Pexels]
I never did like those signs. Especially since most of my wifi use is to speak to my mother! As I posted on Twitter last week:

Anyway now we’re treating the internet as a basic human right, and the naysayers of old are starting to realise what a powerful tool it can be. There’s no better example of this than the Zoom meeting I’ve just come out of. A little background…

My parents (who have become quite spiritual post-retirement) normally attend a weekly meditation class at their local meditation centre in Sri Lanka. I don’t have the same opportunity here (or more likely I’m just too lazy to seek one out) but whenever I visit them, I tag along. Whilst the classes attract practitioners from various backgrounds, it’s probably safe to say that a significant proportion are in their golden years and very much in the “kids these days with their phones and their internet…are you also on The Facebook?” camp.

In an effort to maintain some sense of normalcy and support his patrons’ mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19, the meditation centre’s chief incumbent monk has started using Zoom to run his meditation classes online. This week’s session had ~30 participants – mostly from Sri Lanka but also from Indonesia, Russia and the UK. It was great for me personally to be able to engage in some directed mindfulness meditation to manage my own wellbeing (highly recommended by pretty much everyone!), but it was also great to see people who normally wouldn’t engage with technology embracing it so readily.

And I’ve noticed that at work as well. Colleagues have been trying out different platforms and really getting into the spirit of using EdTech tools to collaborate with staff and students alike. For all the complaining we like to do about the difficulty in getting people to engage with advances in L&T, it’s been extremely encouraging to see everyone getting on board. I hope this mood continues beyond COVID-19.

Anyway I hope your ‘non-work’ day is going well. I’ll close with a shout-out to all those people who feel that the good weather is an excuse to ignore social distancing rules. Please please please do the next right thing and stay at home.