Finally, the low – mode UV is set, and then the high and low die match is baked in max. Because I forgot to expand the edge when I first baked it, So it was baked again.

The above is after the flaring, the following is without flaring


Due to the lack of time to use the topology, we can only continue to do so, and find that the low modulus is too few.

Further reference

Having determined the initial character image, the next step is to define a realistic future pose for your character. The final stage of the completion of the high and low modes can adjust the pose of the model to achieve a more vivid and handsome effect.

First character reference

Before I started making my character model, I first looked for a lot of character references, including different poses and different skin shapes and dress shapes. This has played an important role in my next job, so that I can think about how I want to shape the image of this character in my heart.

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