Impact of Emotional Intelligence

In this blog we are going to see a slight insight from the learner’s points of view in expecting the outcome from the module “Developing self and others”.

I firmly believe that emotional intelligence is the key to know and develop self. The emotional intelligence will kinder and will help to identify self. This is also called as self-analysis. By understanding the self keenly; we will able to start considering and accepting others. So we can clearly see that the emotional intelligence has its ability to develop self and others.

We may also consider what intelligence quotient does to us. A person can acquire bursting intelligence; but this will be helpless if that person have an emotional block. For example, consider a person who is master in driving and has 20 long years of driving experience. We will claim him as a skilled driver. At the pathetic situation of brake failure his 20 years of experience can go in vain, if he is emotionally blocked with the sense called fear.

“Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee               of success, happiness, or    virtue, but                          until Emotional Intelligence, we could only                  guess why”

-Daniel Goleman, 2006 Emotional Intelligence                      10th Edition

From the above, this module should be designed such a way it needs to develop a strong emotional base into the learners mind. If the module achieves this particular outcome; which means the module objective is accomplished as the whole.