week 1 proposal of game asset

What you are going to do for your artifact?

I will be making an artifact for Troy Total War’s December DLC release. My choice will be Archimedes death ray, it worked by focusing the sun’s rays using mirrors. That was polished. Reflective mirrors were held by soldiers along the city’s walls. This fits in with Total war troy as it is a Greek invention. During Greek warfare

Why you want to study that area?

I want to work professionally as an asset creator, my big dream is to work with top companies such as Rockstar or Dice. After taking the time to grow my skills, seeing the possibilities of what you can make has made my passion to work in the industry even stronger.

How you are going to develop your artifact?

Researching the time period of troy. Understanding what materials and weapons were available during the bronze age and how they were used. Gather examples and images of the Archimedes’ death ray. For example, lengths and how it was constructed. Creating a timetable and blog, detailing what I have done for each week and how I can improve and what I succeeded in and what I am struggling to make. I will be using software such as Maya a great 3D modeling tool, I will then unwrap my models and take them into substance painter, baking a high polly onto my low and adding detail. I will upload it to sketchable and take beauty shots