Week 9, the texture and Engine

my choice of program to texture will be substance painter as its advantages to see the assets in a 3D environment whilst texturing live in beyond anything else.

I will work on the texturing for this week and have a fully textured asset for next week. I will be keeping to the game’s art style and use realistic materials only available in the bronze age. a lot of artwork done on metal was stamped on and was bent into shape. I will show this in the texturing but I will also stamp icons of great meaning the Greeks had. seeing as this is using the power of the sun, Apollo the sun god will be used as the great symbol stamped on the main plate of this mirror I will be using a mix of textures. made for Unreal engine. this is because their lighting engine is amazing and can really shine the light showing all the dents and cratches the seafront has done to the mirror.