week 11 Film and fine touches

I have created a 2-minute video showing off the world I have created for this unit. in the course of making it. I went back and polished some of the textures so they would reflect better in the light. I am happy with the result. I had plans to add deeper details in the sea/water. however, stretched with time and knowing this wasn’t the main asset. I left the plans on the table. I used the application Handbrake to compress my footage so I can hand it in.

This was the first time getting to use unreal for a first project. I learnt how to use the spider web to use the textures UVs that substance painter created for unreal engine.

I am using the Mp4 format at a resolution of 1080p.  I have used most of the time allocated for the video at 2 minutes. to show all levels of detail. from close up to far away just like how the game would be played. giving a good view of its implementation into the game