week 10 Unreal engine


I will be using the Unreal engine. I have started to block out an environment to tell a story about the location and how the weapon was implemented, I’m doing this because feedback suggested a location to ground the weapon will add an extra layer to the storytelling of the unit.


I start to block out a small world where my Deathray can live. I will also be making the video using the unreal sequencing movie tool. The seafront was a good choice as this was the main use for this weapon, destroying ships that tried to raid Greek docks when a settlement is under attack.

The final construction of my DLC unit for Total war Troy is in its final stages. I start to add lighting effects making sure the sun is in the right location to shine directly into the death rays mirror. this will leave no question as to its purpose. this was historically how they were used. located at a see wall open to overview of the eastern black sea were repeated attacks happened.