Week 4 to 12 February

For this official first week of the module after the lecture celebrated on the 3 of February, I focused in finishing my proposal with the feedback received from my supervisor on the practical of the 6 of February. I change a couple of details and created a project plan table on excel to help me in the management of my project. After that I finally submitted the proposal just before midnight on the 7 of February.

After that and during the next day I started various things. First of course, was the first part of my level in SnapMap, where I worked on the initial design of the level with only basic logic elements. For this I did not only played some levels from the community but also watched some tutorials and videos of levels created by other users in YouTube.

Here is one of the first images of the level, yet without any logic at that moment:

In the image I took, you can see the arrangement of the rooms. The idea for this first level was that the player starts at the centre. Going to the left side, the player will get the pistol and will be introduced to a new type of enemy, the Imp. In the right side the player will get the shotgun and will be introduced to another type of enemy, the Hell Raizer. To finish the level the player needs to get back to the centre to activate the “portal” that goes to the next area. To activate the portal the player will need to pick up both weapons and in the portal area, defeat a series of Imps and Hell Raizers modified to give the player a challenge.

The plan to introduce the more advanced logic was to use the second week of development for it, after getting feedback from my supervisor. Also during the end of this week, I worked on the documentation of the project by getting the materials needed for the final report and creating the first entries for the development blog.