Week 20 to 26 February

This week was the final week for my first level of this project which I spent trying to get as much feedback as possible from external sources, for this I had to publish the level. The process was simple and I could keep making changes and fixes even with the level already published by only republishing the level.

After the practical on Monday and the feedback received from my supervisor I modified the map, here is the final result:

The main area is the one below, while the one up is optional but it can be also used to go from one weapon to the other without backtracking. In general the this was the final layout for two simple reasons, is open and the player doesn’t need to do any backtracking. To go from one area to the other I made use of portals to transport the player. I also add some “secrets” and an extra boss fight, which is not necessary to complete the level but mandatory if the “shorcut/optional way” is used.

In terms of extra feedback, one of the sources I got was Reddit, where I posted a commentary to get feedback from people. I also got feedback from one of my friends back in Spain, who played the game and gave me feedback about it. By Wednesday I had enough feedback to make a few changes and minor fixes through the level but I kept receiving feedback from different people the entire week.

For the rest of this project I will not only making the rest of the levels planned but also keep improving my work in the levels. During this week, I also started the first layout of the map for my second level. This is the image of the current map at the moment of writing this entry:

The idea for this map was to make more use of portals to make your way through the “islands” to the end of the level. Because of what I have learned about the logic modules during my first level, I expect to complete the logic for this second level even quicker than with the first one, allowing me more room for improvement or even for extra content for this project.

In addition to my work in the levels I also continued working on my Progress Review presentation for its submission next week (3 March), my blog and with the final report with now the official template for its creation.

Week 13 to 19 February

At the beginning of this week I had the usual meeting with my supervisor during the practical where I received some feedback on the design of the map of the first area. With that feedback, I worked on the changes of the map to make it less closed and to let the player decide which way to go to achieve all the objectives.

Here is the result after a quick rework on it:

After this quick change, I started to create the more complicated logic in the level. First, I set up all the encounters with the enemies. Due to a limitation of twelve enemies at the same time in the entire map, I had to create a little bit more complicated network of logic modules of encounters that I had in mind in the first place. For that I used the custom encounters modules to create an encounter with the enemies I wanted, again with a limit of twelve enemies in mind.

After that I set up the conditions for those encounters to happen, some were just opening a door of certain sections and others are only activated by triggering specific volumes. To be sure that you can activate more encounters without compromise the encounter planned fight, until you kill all demons in those encounters, player can’t leave the current room they are in.

I also put as a condition to activate the portal in the central room, to pick up both weapons in the level and defeat a boss encounter in the central room. Once the player completes these objectives the level is completed. Sadly, I can’t lead the players to the next level in the campaign until the next level is completed and published. Something that I learned by trying to use the module and link it to a test map I had.

Here there is some pictures of the logic modules:

During this week, I also worked on writing down the final report first draft, even when I didn’t have any idea of how the format was supposed to be, I was starting to have something already. Also, the presentation for the “Progress Review” was started this week and it is in my plans to have it ready along with the entire first level by the end of next week.

Week 4 to 12 February

For this official first week of the module after the lecture celebrated on the 3 of February, I focused in finishing my proposal with the feedback received from my supervisor on the practical of the 6 of February. I change a couple of details and created a project plan table on excel to help me in the management of my project. After that I finally submitted the proposal just before midnight on the 7 of February.

After that and during the next day I started various things. First of course, was the first part of my level in SnapMap, where I worked on the initial design of the level with only basic logic elements. For this I did not only played some levels from the community but also watched some tutorials and videos of levels created by other users in YouTube.

Here is one of the first images of the level, yet without any logic at that moment:

In the image I took, you can see the arrangement of the rooms. The idea for this first level was that the player starts at the centre. Going to the left side, the player will get the pistol and will be introduced to a new type of enemy, the Imp. In the right side the player will get the shotgun and will be introduced to another type of enemy, the Hell Raizer. To finish the level the player needs to get back to the centre to activate the “portal” that goes to the next area. To activate the portal the player will need to pick up both weapons and in the portal area, defeat a series of Imps and Hell Raizers modified to give the player a challenge.

The plan to introduce the more advanced logic was to use the second week of development for it, after getting feedback from my supervisor. Also during the end of this week, I worked on the documentation of the project by getting the materials needed for the final report and creating the first entries for the development blog.

Pre-Production Week 25 January to 3 February

After finishing AGD, this week I began to work on my Games Practical Project by consolidating my proposal. So, when I received the email from the module lead, Deepak Gautam, and my supervisor for this module asking to everyone to work on their proposals. Of course I was already prepared for it.

I started by putting together learning materials for the editor from different places. Tutorials inside the editor itself, video tutorials maid by the community, levels made by community to learn how the made them. The main idea was to jump right in into the development and create everything inside the editor right away, making different iterations if needed.

During the Monday 30 of January, I had my first practical of the module where I received feedback from my supervisor about my idea for the project and the advice to keep my project within a realistic scope for the time available.