Mushroom In The Sky – Beat Poetry


I heard a story, a story that ate me up inside, I heard every word
A Story that shook the wits out of me and uncoiled my kinky hair like static electricity pulling it,
A story that placed me exactly to the spot, like a shift to the past leaving me tongue-tied,
A story of long ago, that became crystal-clear in my mind, it resurrected

A story of an enemy that craved power and gathered in secret and planned in secret
A King like the King of the Jungle that hatched a plan to roar and terrorize its adversary to surrender
A King that dared restore peace by violating peace
A King that forced a  terrified nation to bow down or cease existing
A King that wanted to play God and ceases life from existing
A King that owned ‘A Little Boy’, the deadly Little Boy, known not by all, but a few
The Little Boy, a little big nightmare from anyone’s worst horror movie only real,
An obedient brain washed controlled obedient Little Boy without emotion
A thirsty assassin who quenches on a generous mass of boiled blood all in a go
Then enjoys watching from up above like an umbrella about to shield a nation from rain
Like a bat hanging from a blue sky that has become its roof later to change its color to pitch black
A Little Boy who’s name deceives the ears and confuses the hearer with a name that bears innocence
Yet with a plan to perform live on World stage and show his true unfathomable colors to all
A super-powered Little Boy who dives nose-down into the ground when angry, as if in a swimming pool, breaking the hardest solid ground!
Gaining momentum beneath the earth, taking the deepest breath ever taken
Then exhaling into the air, shooting out, leaving behind beneath the ground, ripples and rumbles
that erupts, like Yellowstone!
Clearing the mesmerized, now confused-like-cockroaches multitude watching the skies,
Wiping all, like an angry violent tsunami of all times
His exhaled breath thickens like a cloudy dark mushroom shooting into the air
A sign of its satisfaction, a marvel, taking the world stage, appears A Mushroom In The Sky!

I listened to this horrific story of how this deadly man-made poisoned Mushroom instantly grew high up in the air, dazzling humanity like a wonder in the sky,
Sending those who knew what it was in a tremble like reeds in the river,
For they knew the mushroom shadow of the deadly destroyer ever made had landed,
And lay somewhere close! gaining momentum, giving all just a chance to open eyes wider in awe, and be melted, toasted and turned into ashes, transformed into coal blocks
The uninformed multitudes, mere man stood in admiration and awe, feeding their eyes on the deadly ghostly image in the sky, wondering, how? why? who?
Unaware the Mushroom In The Sky was a fire-spit of a Little Boy turned-dragon that lay beneath
They stood watching the mushroom, with their whole families, their babies, their unborn babies, their toddlers, their teenagers, their animals,
Unaware they were a sacrifice on the alter, standing like meat stretched on a gigantic grill waiting to be fried
They stood waiting in fear,
They stood unaware,
They stood aware,
They stood wondering,
They stood knowing,
They stood unknowing, then they all knew no more
The knowing, the not-knowing, they both stood helpless caught unaware and nowhere to run.
The story gave me goosebumps, the story about the sounds they heard, just before fate turned against them
They heard  it all, the loud, the thunderous sound yet there was no rain clouds,
The rumbling and rattling ground breaking earth-quaking tremendous sound
The shattering of glass, the fireball, the blast fire storm with wave, all gave in with a vengeance!

Then no more, no one heard anything anymore, the deepest sound of non-heartbeat
The clock-ticking came to a halt, a nation wiped out, burned to an ashy ground level,
Dark fumes colored midday like a crazy genius artist, into a pitch black night,
Fumes that chocked life out of anyone who still had an undetected heart beat
So disturbing, very disturbing, was the story even as it ended,
A City was no more, vanished, the armament of mass devastation had completed its mission
Its aftermath, a terrifying hell on mother earth who wept tears of bitter black toxic rain, falling from her black roof, once called blue sky.
She watches her sustained enormous wound with none to fix.

The story, a pain in every ear, is an achievement to a King from afar, and his fellow Kings
How the mass-devouring weapon cleared everything along its path,
“Mission accomplished!, to The Little Boy!” they raised glasses and reclined with guilty sweat on their foreheads and red coal eyes of pride,
Now Kings well feared, power and control gripped in their hands, they would do it again!
As dreadful and evil the thought, yes, again they did it! they hungered for more blood!
Filled in their cups for seconds, the Fat Man followed the Little Boys trail, hell visited earth!
Who dares stand before them, but surrender, lest the senior devil is given another mission

Then gone is the Mushroom In The Sky, disappeared into thin air
It lay bare, it lay unrecognized, like a ghost apocalyptic town, Hiro! Shima is gone! Naga! Saki no more!
Jap An bows in their ashes, in coal, pitch black matter, surrendering, hailing the Evil King, only too late





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