Anthony Lloyd

Associate Professor in Criminology & Sociology

Anth is the Editor of Teesside Criminology & Criminal Justice and the thematic lead for the Criminology & Criminal Justice research group. He has written extensively about changing labour markets and employment practices, particularly from a social harm perspective. His research interests in the ‘criminology of work’ covers insecure and low-paid forms of work, violence in the workplace, and labour exploitation, trafficking and modern slavery. Additionally, he is interested in the theoretical advancement of criminology and zemiology. His research also includes work on researched international migration and community cohesion, as well as a global study of experiences and impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Anth is also Deputy Editor of the Journal of Contemporary Crime, Harm and Ethics


Making Sense of Ultra-Realism: Contemporary Criminological Theory Through the Lens of Popular Culture with Justin Kotzé, 2022 (Emerald)

Lockdown: Social Harm in the Covid-19 Era with Daniel Briggs, Luke Telford, Anthony Ellis and Justin Kotzé, 2021 (Palgrave)

Researching the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Critical Blueprint for the Social Sciences with Daniel Briggs, Anthony Ellis and Luke Telford, 2021 (Policy Press)

The Harms of Work: An Ultra-Realist Account of the Service Economy 2018 (Bristol University Press)