Orange3 data analysis

In my practicals I am often asked questions about SPSS; I show examples of data mining, creating charts for a visual understanding of the data, correlations and more. I am also asked by my 3rd year students doing research projects about t-tests or more frequently answering questions like “My supervisor says I need to do some stats on this work can you help” :/

I like how SPSS over the years has become drag and drop and has a interface I work quickly with. But this blog is about another piece of software that actually I’m ashamed to say I stumbled across whilst I downloaded the Anaconda Continuum and it appeared as an option along with Jupyter Notebook, Spyder, RStudio and a few more. Recently when marking calmed down here at Teesside Uni I clicked launch on the Orange3 icon and was gobsmacked at the functionality Orange3 has, especially for the analyst or a student studying crime science. I quickly scoped out YouTube and found online tutorials from Text mining a corpus of documents, using API keys with big name new papers, Twitter, analysing geo data and much more. I have still to dig into the machine learning opportunities and these look amazing.

In fact it really should be a must for any Intelligence Analyst to at least explore. I am currently writing up a few of my findings but it already will be a feature in our new MSc as a tool for students to use. I will still use SPSS and I’ve discovered for a data scientist/analyst it’s not about the next new data mining toy, but instead picking the tools you need or work with the best.

I’ll update you more in the coming days and weeks in the mean time here is the link.

Bye for now

Regards Mark

Dr Mark Butler Course Leader Crime Intelligence and Data Analytics