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The Shared Labor of Life

It has come to my attention that I have failed to write anything poetic for some time now, so yesterday I put pen to paper again and came up with this little number. Sorry if it seems a bit plain sailing, I feel a tad rusty.



We never quit pouring sentimental dreams

into modern, robotized hearts

that cease to bleed.

Million depart this interior cold

and look out to our world

of formless souls.

Struck dumb by countless fairy tales

that convince us that

we will not fail

But all the while

we in fact know the truth

that bad things can happen

to those who are good.

So as we sit down

to watch the six ‘o’ clock news

and critique foreign wars and the starving children of two

be wise, and recall lives are governed by laws

that do not exist

At all.


The British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition 2015

Are you the next George R.R. Martin, Terry Pratchett or J.R.R. Tolkien?

Then make your fantasy a reality with the BFS Short Story Competition 2015.

BFS Logo Read more…

Vogue Talent Contest 2015

Do you have an eye for fashion and a passion for journalism? Do you dream of a career in the bustle and glamour of glossy magazines?

Then Vogue’s 2015 Talent Contest is your calling. Read more…

Meadows and moonlight


We walked through the meadow, the moonlight and me,

When night held the earth within a velvet black sea,

And deep in a silence unbroken by all,

We watched as the stars were starting to fall.

The meadow grass waved to the whim of the breeze;

Those shooting stars fell to the will of black seas.

But I and the moonlight, ’til nighttime had passed,

Just sat there alone in that sweet meadow grass.

Reminiscence-poem by Laura Stephenson


Somber recollections shroud me like a cloud, but not so unpleasantly

Because through the haze, impressions surface perpetually,

warm bubbles in a sea of memories.

Welcome to the Benchmark Creative Writing Competition

This competition is a fundraising collaboration between Willow Burn Hospice and writer Rachel Cochrane, inspired by Rachel’s latest drama, Benchmark.

This writing competition requires you to:

Imagine you had a bench dedicated to you

What would it say on the plaque? (30 words max)

Where would it be?

Why have you chosen that particular place? (200 words max)

We want you to express this in the present tense, celebrating the person that you are now.

For further details on how to enter this competition, please follow the link below.

About the Benchmark Creative Writing Competition


The 2014/15 Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet Competition

The 2014/15 International Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet Competition is now open for entries.

The 29th annual international Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet Competition invites entrants to submit a collection of 20-24 pages of poems for the chance to win publication by smith|doorstop, a share of £2,000 ($3,250) and other prizes.

Please see link below for further details on how to enter the competition.



Poetry Symposium – Making A Living From Poetry

As part of the next leg of the Intercity Flow Project we will be hosting a Symposium at Teesside University in room 5.03 at 6.30pm Thurs 20th November on Making A Living As A Poet. The event will include a reading / showing of work and projects followed by a panel discussion on the ways poetry can be used for social intervention and a vehicle of engagement within communities.
The panel will consist of professional poets from UK and abroad who have years of experience of working as a poet within the participatory arts sector. This event is free.