Book Signing with local author David McCaffrey (W H SMITH) October 10th!

Can any death be humane?



This is a great opportunity to talk with an experienced author. He wrote the thriller Hellbound, a tale that is both remarkable and thought-provoking, delving into the ethics of capital punishment.

You follow murderer Obadiah Stark and reporter Jack O’Connell, while the former commits his many horrible crimes and the latter doggedly seeks the truth about the blood-thirsty killer (and chases anything in a skirt.)

You also follow Obadiah on his journey after his execution.

The ethical questions surrounding thoughts on justice and the death sentence are raised surprisingly well within in this novel. Hellbound does’t give any overt information regarding the David’s opinion on the death penalty, so you are not swayed into thinking it is “right” or “wrong.” But he does give you the facts (he has a background in criminology). You’re then left to make your own mind up about the main character Obadiah Stark .

It’s certainly not a mindless, horror gore-fest with no substance.

So if you’re a fan of provocative, psychologically thrilling stories, read the book and meet the man himself!

If you do go to the signing, you will also get a signed copy of Hellbound from the author himself.

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