The British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition 2015

Are you the next George R.R. Martin, Terry Pratchett or J.R.R. Tolkien?

Then make your fantasy a reality with the BFS Short Story Competition 2015.

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The Lowdown

Your story can be any genre of fantastical – fantasy, sci-fi, magic realism, horror or any combination of relevant genres. It should be no longer than 5,000 words. Competition will be solely judged by BFS stalwart Allen Ashley.

The Prize

First Place: £100, a year’s membership of the BFS and publication of your story in the BFS journal.

Second Place: £50, a year’s membership of the BFS and publication of your story in the BFS journal

Third Place: £20, and a publication in the BFS Journal.

The Conditions

  • The price for one submission is £5. You can submit as many as you like.
  • Entries are open from 1st April 2015 to 30th June 2015
  • Your story must be written in English
  • Your story must NOT be previously published or under consideration for any other competition or publication
  • Your story must be original; no use of copyrighted characters, Shared World or similar
  • Stories should not be intended for children or young adults.

Please see above link for full terms and conditions before entry.

How to Enter

The competition has strict formatting regulations. Please check your story carefully, as submissions may be disqualified if they do not meet the below criteria.

  • Double-spaced text
  • Left and right hand margins of at least 2cm
  • 12pt font
  • First line of paragraphs indented
  • Pages numbered
  • Section breaks should be indicated by a single hash mark (#) or asterisk (*)
  • Please put title and author name in the header for each page
  • Please include a word count
  • Stories should be saved in “Rich Text Format” or an older version of “MS Word”. Preferably not “Doc.x”.

Submission is via e-mail to:

and follow the instructions below.

  • Head your email “BFS Short Story Competition”
  • In the body of the email give your name, title of the story, the word count and details of payment.
  • If you are paying via PayPal, please quote your PayPal transaction number in your covering email.



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