Poster Poems


A new post on the site linked above should be due any day now, but I’d like to mention that images, pictures and photo’s can inspire creative writing just as much as subjective, inner emotion and  it is a sentiment that should continue to be encouraged within the creative writing community.

Developing a vibrant vocabulary that describes landscape, sky, earth, sea and any number of material objects certainly feeds into the expression of  feelings, thoughts and personal sentiments. This symbolism can be used to convey hidden or overt meaning unique to the individual writer.


So a simple writing task: Search for an image on the internet, or of any image that catches your eye-like a poster in your bedroom for example- and write a short (or long if you want) poem/haiku/story about it! It can be as informal or as meaningful as you want, but it will definitely help develop your skills as a creative writer: the possibilities are endless!

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