Making Fight Choreography Flow

The most vital part of any fight scene, animated or live action, is making sure that the fight scene is flowing correctly and assuring that the moves are fluently put together to make it an aesthetically fun fight to watch. So I will be going into how Choreographers put together these fight scenes and make it so it looks like a good fight scene.

I’ll be starting off by looking at an interview with Fight Choreographer Yung Lee and how he breaks down how to do Fight Choreography right. The top 3 things that are important when to start off is the Pacing and that fight has to be paced well, the performance of the characters and how they act in the fight scene and finally, a reason to fight and the characters drive to win and/or survive. These aspects of a fight scene are by far some of the most important when it comes to the scene although I haven’t gotten to the camera yet.

The first phase of figuring the fight and choreography out is the Pre-Vis of the fight, having to know what moves are going to happen in what order at what time is very important since you want it to flow well. Knowing what moves are being done is first, so looking at the footage of a behind the scenes in a short fight Yung Lee helped Choreographer, instead of having the actor do the moves to start off with, you see him getting involved while the Director gets the moves down so they know what they’re doing later on since at that stage, they’re just coming up with it move by move and they’ll figure out on the way, if it moves together well. After that, is the second phase where they rehearse and just learn the fight over and over until it is right.

The flow of the fight scene comes from all of the rehearsal and planning that has gone into it and with a well planned fight and a lot of training on the fight, all that’t left to do is make it look fluent with the cinematography.

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