Starting a research plan

When looking at cinematography i am deciding to break it down into the defining elements; camera lens, lighting, camera angles, framing, length of shot, distance and camera movement. I want to start with lighting as the lighting of a scene can influence the feel of the scene. when looking at lighting it is imperative that I look at colour as well, in cinema colour is used to convey emotion in a scene. I thought I should start by looking at movies that have very different and interesting use of lighting and colour as I would be able to draw inspiration and evaluate the techniques used in the films.



























My goal with this blog is to research a topic and expand my knowledge in a field that would be useful in my other modules. currently I am interested in learning about cinematography, particularly cinematography in the horror genre. I want to look at all of the aspects that make up a shot like lighting, camera angle, framing, duration of shots and the lenses used. I wanted to pick the horror genre as it relates to my short film production module however i also believe that the horror genre has some of the most stylised and interesting cinematography in all of cinema. Overall i want to expand my understanding of the technical and aesthetic elements that make up the horror genre.