Writing Style

When looking at whether or not Given’s work can technically be classed as literature, it is evident that her book adopts a less traditional style of writing. At the time of publication, Givens Instagram had a high following, which clearly enabled her a starting point for her book as she already had a previous fanbase due to her strong feminist beliefs. Her previous involvement on social media had already provided her with the opportunity to share her own ideas surrounding misogyny.

Upon reading the book, the first thing to catch my attention was the style of writing used by Given. She introduces the novel by addressing the reader face on, while discussing her previous experiences with her sister, making sure not to shy away from anything that would have previously been viewed as too much information. When reading, I felt as though she was in the room with me, providing advice that I would normally receive from a close friend or sister. In my opinion, this is what made the book more favourable, as many girls lack a female figure in their life to help them with advice that is fundamental to growing up, which they may not feel comfortable discussing with males. Therefore, Given is providing a more supportive stance through her non-condescending tone, by helping other women feel more at ease with struggles that they may be facing or come to face in the future. This particular writing style caught my attention, as it made the book more interesting as I knew that it would be easy to understand. while breaking free from the conventional approach to literature.

Another self-help book which I had previously read was the work of Rhonda Byrnes ‘The Secret’ which followed in the same style, by addressing the readers face on and providing a more comforting approach. The break away from tradition indicated a sense of therapy, by having an individual discussion between the author and reader. For example, Given draws upon a variety of topics, ranging from body image to sexual harassment, while touching upon her own personal struggles and offering advice on how to overcome them. This is helpful, as it shows that she too has gone through similar experiences to others, therefore showing that they are not alone in the issues that they are facing, and that she can always provide a helpful viewpoint a relative standpoint. However, although the book does provide helpful insights into certain situations, there are many readers who may draw criticism to the writing style, as the one-to-one approach can cause reduction to the seriousness behind some issues, meaning other readers may not see the severity and thus can dismiss topics as less important than others.  For example, the modern approach of the book adopts a more welcoming tone, which Given uses to expand upon her own advice, which may allow some readers to feel at ease but for others, can also create the implication that all these issues are common experiences for women, that many go through in order to be seen as an integral part of society. 

Overall, the style of writing adopted by Given enables a more casual approach, that allows readers to feel more at ease, thus encouraging them to continue reading and sharing positive reviews, thus helping publicity.