Women Don’t Owe You Pretty Blog review

First of all, welcome!

I wanted to start of by explaining the reason behind this blog. After studying English studies at university for the previous three years, I found myself interested in ideas surrounding the effects of society, where everything is constantly becoming more up-to-date and modernised, alongside the effect that this is having on traditional art such as English literature. Therefore, I thought that creating this blog would be a good starting point, by providing my own personal review on certain novels, while discussing the effects that contemporary society is having and whether it means further advantages for future authors.

 The first review I will be uploading is focusing on the work of Florence Given and her self-help book ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’. I plan to discuss the social media aspect, alongside many other factors that show a contrast to more traditional approaches of writing, while asking the question What is literature?


Enjoy your reading.

Maisie Fingland (V8024124)