Social Media: Good or Bad?

The overall effect:

After writing this review, I wanted to include a short paragraph on whether or not the effect of social media on literature is positive or negative, and whether modernised progress is a good thing. After looking at different factors, it is clear that social media has allowed the sales of books to skyrocket, with authors using them to market their work in more unique ways that allow readers to fall into certain categories, or fan-bases. While this is a positive on the book sales themselves, along with the authors and their popularity, it leaves the question as to whether the authenticity and honest aim of the books themselves is been forgotten about, with authors using their platform to gain more money. This fits in with the ideas surrounding what is literature, by suggesting that the traditional side of literature has been forgotten about, and instead has been forced into the hands of the modernised masses. This shows the negative impact of social media, as it has enabled historic art and tradition to be twisted into something that is not as favoured. In my opinion, there are pros and cons to social media, but it is becoming an integral part of society that we are having to adapt too and therefore will create a new normality, while hopefully keeping traditional novels alive at the same time.