Marketing Strategies

Writers always aim for high publicity, as it brings high success. Therefore, the key to this is through the marketing aspect of producing a book. Alongside Givens approach regarding social media and her writing style, it is clear that she has also focused highly on the more extrinsic values of her work.

Upon first impressions, the overall design of the book itself has been carefully considered, due to the bright colours and styles that have been used throughout. It is evident that Given has used her illustrative skills to provide readers with a book cover that stands out and thus, gains more attention. For example, the cover consists of bright pinks, oranges, and yellows, which creates a more contemporary view of her work by breaking free from more traditional covers that are usually subdued. The advantage to this is that, if it were placed on a website or on shelves in a shop, the bright retro colours would catch the eye of new readers, prompting them to pick up the book and decide whether they are interested. The bold choice of colours promotes Given’s feminist views, as she has used her artistic value to choose colours that are often considered quite feminine, allowing readers to gain an understanding regarding the contents of the book upon first inspection. Overall, the whole design aspect to her work helps to promote that she has a no-nonsense approach during the production phase, due to her willingness to follow her own ideas and values instead of conforming to the stereotypical use of images and/or dull colours instead.

There is no denying that the book itself is a piece of art. Personally, for me, the boldness of the cover was what first caught my attention when scrolling through Instagram. I know the saying is to never judge a book by its cover, but for me, the retro design suggested that the book was less conventional and therefore worth the read. Another marketing strategy that I believe worked in Given’s favour, is the books target audience. As previously mentioned, upcoming generations are more likely and willing to share their opinions online, while building discussions and reviews. This works at an advantage because, if they enjoyed Given’s book, then they are more likely to take to social media and encourage others to purchase the book for themselves. Therefore, Given is opening her work up for online discussions and thus, more publicity.

Her pre-established following on Instagram also enabled her book to already have a large interest, based upon the first post made about its release. Both of these factors show the positive effects social media can have towards literature, in regards to the whole marketing aspect, due to enabling more awareness and attention.  In my opinion, this is the reason as to why Given’s book was as high a success as it was, through the power of social media. Without it, I believe that there would have been less publicity and many readers would not have discovered her work.