An author whose work has recently caught my attention, due to her large social media following and the ideas she projects across her account, is British activist and illustrator Florence Given, who’s Sunday times bestseller book ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty[1] will be discussed in further detail throughout this blog. It is important to note her large online platform, as over the years, it has become clear that younger generations, also referred to as millennials, are becoming more opinionated and self-aware over issues existing within contemporary society. They are finding their voice, along with the confidence to discuss topics that would have previously been avoided in past years, such as in-depth political discussions that would have usually been dismissed.

As a young adult myself, I believe that this is all down to the introduction of social media and websites. We have been handed a platform where we can openly speak our minds while hiding behind a keyboard, alongside reading up on the opinions of other people. From my perspective, every time I check a certain social media account, there is a new post about a new topic, that is then later blown up and discussed on a more global scale. One topic that I believe is widely talked about is feminism and gender inequalities, with a vast majority of individuals using their platforms to stand up for one another, in hopes that they can combat old beliefs and create more modern perspectives. Social media is now an integral part of society, there is no denying that. It allows users to gain influence or be the influencer, allowing them to build new ideas and beliefs. Therefore, with this blog, my aim is to discuss Florence Given, along with other influencers, who have had the ability to use their online status towards their work and whether or not the effect of social media in a contemporary society has helped contribute towards their success.

[1] Given, Florence. 2020. Women Dont Owe You Pretty. Cassell.