Increase in Self-help books

It is no secret that self-help books are becoming increasingly popular within literature. Over the last few years, they have started to become a success amongst young readers, offering them advice on how to overcome certain situations and live their life to the fullest[1]. If you look at novels that promise readers a new perspective on life, through the use of a few short chapters, while combining this with millennials who are always promoting change and influencing new ideas, it comes to no surprise that there has been an overall increase in this particular genre of writing.

As previously stated, young adults are more open about certain topics that have previously been avoided. Therefore, by writing books that discuss these issues, such as mental health and manifestation, it is evident as to why there has been a rise in self-help books[2]. I do believe that Florence Given’s book is a prime example of this, due to the success it achieved within a few short months of its publication in 2020. Her book looks at her previous ideas surrounding female empowerment and gender inequality, which are topics which tend to catch the attention of a large majority of millennials, who wish to educate themselves more, as an opportunity to share new ideas. These readers are told, that by reading the book, they can simply alter their perspective on life and break free from a misogynistic society, while challenging patriarchal ideas and expanding their personal knowledge. Therefore, prompting readers to then share with others online, about how revolutionary, and mind-changing they found the book, due to the uplifting attitudes It promotes along with new understandings.

In my opinion, the genre of self-help books are becoming more relevant due to the newer audiences that they are targeting, alongside the new addiction to social media. It is no secret that websites, such as Instagram and Facebook have enabled users to try and get their own individual opinions and ideas heard on a wider scale, for more recognition and praise due to their effort to share knowledge. Therefore, in a world where people are willing to change attitudes and listen to new ideas that are surfacing, it is clear to see that self-help books are a great addition that allows these people to build upon their own ideas. As a result, the introduction to social media has created an improvement towards literature by allowing authors to express themselves through new up and coming genres that have not previously became a success, while using it as a source of publicity to reach a wider audience.

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[2] Fournler Ph.D, Denise. 2018. “Manifestation: The Real Deal”. Psychology Today.