Week 2: Project test and research

I decided to dedicate this week to researching the methods I would be using to create this environment as well as taking the time to learn some of the functionality of the unreal engine.

The idea of trim sheets is completely new to me and a very vital aspect of modular building for games. I decided to research into this and create my own set as well as a few modular assets to create a corridor with the hopes that if I were to make a critical mistake I would find out what I did wrong early in production.

The rest of the week was dedicated to engine research. While I feel relatively comfortable using the unreal engine, I felt like I needed to touch up on my overall knowledge of the art pipeline in engine in order to improve my overall capabilities. This included looking further into lighting, lightmaps, skyboxes, HDRI, material nodes and intermediate material creation and UV mapping channels. The material editor is a powerful tool, and the project would benefit properly from being able to utilise it to its potential.