Week 1: Pre-Production and Project Planning

The first week of the project began with planning work and finalising my idea for the project. I came in the start of the week with a fairly strong idea of what I wanted to do: An environment made in the unreal engine based off DOOM(2016). I decided on this idea as it is a project I would be interested in working on and it would be technically challenging.

Among those technical challenges are practices which are commonly used in industry which I had not yet had the chance to work with, that being Trim Sheets. A method of reusing textures for theĀ  environment without compromising resolution. I spent a fair deal of time researching how to create trim sheets, how to apply them and how the effectively use them. I concluded that this would mean that I would first require practice, so I started creating a trim sheet for a far smaller scale environment than the one I am intending to produce.