Update 6

I have started the texturing process by remote logging onto the Universities computers.

I have decided that since I have some time and my model is relatively simple I will be making two textured versions. A hero model for use in cut scenes and close-ups and a less detailed one that would be used in actual gameplay to keep it as a less intensive model. I have finished the first iteration of the hero model, although I may want to change it later if I am not happy with it.

I have used a wooden texture for the handle along with a metal with a low opacity to make it slightly shiny and to give it more depth to the texture. When making the low poly version I will only use one material as the detail will not be so important. For the blade I have used a metal texture coloured to resemble bronze. I have added some battle damage in the way of dirt and scratches along the blade to make it appear as though it was recently used.

Update 5

I have fully finished making the low and high poly model in Maya. I have unwrapped the low poly and will be starting to texture it in substance painter. I found the unwrap a little tricky because of the shapes of the handle and pommel. I tried to have as few seems as possible to reduce any glitches when baking.  However, the automatic layout left far too much empty space, so I moved them myself so they would take up more space.

Update 4

I have finished the model for my Naue II sword. Both the high and the low poly. They were done in maya and will be unwrapped there before being moved to substance painter to texture.

I found the high poly a little more tricky than I thought I would as it has so few polys that the first time I tried to create the high poly I messed up the overall shape. The lower poly count is important as there will be multiple of these weapons on screen along with characters and environment. So keeping the poly count low will help make it more manageable.

I also changed the name of this post to Update as feel it will make more sense for future posts.

Week 3

Sadly I lost the progress I made last week on my block out. However, this has meant that the new version I have made doesn’t have the same errors as the previous as I was able to fix them early. I have finished doing the block out with my low poly models. I will be making high poly variants before taking them into substance painter. I have made a slight variation to the reference image as the pommel in the image is very large, this will have been to act as a counterweight for the blade. However mine is a scaled down slightly to make it look a little less bulky. The blade is also not symmetrical and has minor changes on each side. I did this because the original sword would not have been perfect as it would have been made by hand. The variations are small enough to not affect the overall shape of the model but will give it a little bit more detail when I finish the textures.

Week 2

In the first week I have continue to gather reference and began to block out the model. So far I have done the low poly variant on the blade. I made it by creating one side then mirroring it to keep everything symmetrical Then by changing vertices individually I can give it the handmade and slightly uneven look I want. Looking at how the blade is made I found that there is no wrap on it. The handle is just made of wood. I will block out the wooden handle and finish the high poly for the next update.

Week 1

I have gathered some reference images for when I make the artifact. These include reconstructions of the Naue II and some historical weapons that have been found. I will primarily be using reconstructions as the real  weapons are so rusted and damaged that getting a good profile and shape to model around will be extremely difficult.

These are some examples of the references I will be using.


Project Proposal

The artifact I will be doing is Greek weapon called the Naue II. It is a weapon from bronze age Greece that was used in the Greek and Trojan war. The weapon can be between fifty to eighty-five cm in length with a leaf shaped tip. It was used for over seven hundred years from the Bronze age into the Iron age. I want to study this as it is a historical weapon that would have been used during the time period that Total War Troy is set in. Keeping with a commonly used weapon will allow me lots of sources and reference images to use. This will let the final product be as accurate as possible to a historical Naue II. I will develop this artifact by starting with multiple reference images from history and from Total War Troy to get an idea for how it would be rendered into that game. Then using high and low poly models I will create the model and the texture it so that it would be suitable to be put into the Total War Troy game. The reference images will let me know the precise size that this would be. I want to do this weapon as it will be a good too add to my portfolio. Although I want to be an environment artist, having objects and characters will show a wider range of skills in my portfolio. The software I will use will be Maya for the modeling and Substance Painter to texture.

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_of_Mycenaean_Greece#:~:text=Finally%20in%20the%2013th%20century,%2C%20axes%2C%20slings%20and%20javelins.



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