Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching means helping them to learn how everything should be done rather than making them teach(Whitmore, J.2009). Coaching help people to understand every work easily and make them train in the proper way along with the guidance of work. Proper coaching makes them each and every individual to perform well and make them participate in particular in which are specialised things.Coaching makes them focus on particular work and they need to accept all the challenges which come.


Mentoring means training or advising the individual person. there are various type of mentoring they are

Traditional Mentoring.

This type of mentoring help advises young people by old people who got their experience in their various field. The older people have much more experience but not the technical experience. I have the best mentor was my grandfather who always says never get angry and help each and every people who are in need that will be the best part of your life.

Group Mentoring.

Group mentoring mostly happen in a company which has common goals and who are working together or developing a new concept of work. Group mentor has to happen in our own family business. We all brother work together in family business. Our dad usually checks and monitor and say how to develop and how the new ideas to be created for developing the business.He just says what is the best possible ways develop and how to manage the business and handle the customer and stock in the shop.

Team Mentoring.

Team Mentoring usually happen in any of the sports or company doing any new project or developments. Mentoring is always a long-term process and it should always follow and guide them in a proper way.  I was part of a cricket team in the playing eleven. we are in involved in the big tournament in about 20 teams.   We won a couple of matches and went to semifinals, unfortunately, our captain become unavailable due to personal problems at the stage I was the next available person to captain the team for further matches. Now it supports from a coach I was to train and develop the team for the semifinals. I decide to rearrange the team order. I did take the team for certain unique practice session we focus more on fielding and cache practises. As we already had skilled players we had substantially good at bowling and batting, the other fitness training adopted helped in team building and development. This made us beat the opponent in semi-finals with a big difference and we managed to gain higher points with just one victory.Our team scaled up the list with a proper mentor to guide in each match.

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