PBD Thesis: They introduce a cloth system based on constraints rather than springs to keep particles at a certain distance.

V Master Class:

Vellum solver is continuation of old grain solver. Vellum is hardware accelerated system and uses GPU for computation. Vellum is Integrated Multiphysics system= can define more than one type of constraints

Vellum is also point based system

The vellum constraint outputs two type of constraints namely bend and distance. Bend takes up 4 points whereas distance takes 2 points. Distance constraint take those two points and makes sure they stay at a certain distance (restlength). Bend constraint refer to 4 points and make sure the angle between the two triangles or dihedral is at a certain angle.

Bend and distance for Cloth

Bendtwist and stretchshear for hair

Pressure constraint for balloon

Strut constraints creates lines which has distance constraint for softbody

Cloth i/o (similar to dopio but for vellum) saves into two: geometry and constraint


V Drape Masterclass:

Entagma: Sub steps and constraint iteration = helps in better simulation outcome


What is PBD?

How Vellum Works?

Types of Vellum Constraint?

SOPS and DOPS Vellum and their differences?

Order I want to try: Cloth, Soft body, Hair, Grain