Week 13 Textures, textures, textures! (Vol. II)

This week I have been working on tons of new textures so, as I did last week, let me post the images down here instead of bore you with words.

Smoking and getting drunk. The best two options to keep a helthy mind in a helathy body. As the Latin phrase says “Mens sana in corpore sano”
The opened door is the one hidden behind the broken wall. The closed one is the main one. The one our friend tried to open a million times unsuccesfully when he was kidnapped.
Cabinets to put stuff in. The big one has some carvings in it which shows the amount of days passing.
Glass flasks to pour liquids and experiment with them.
Here’s the mattress. I created the base material in Substance Designer and then added a flower pattern and some stains in Substance Painter.
Just a column.
A floating desk chair. The future is now!
This is a file.
The laptop with which the robotic arm and the experiment chair can be used. Anyway it got a blue screen so it’s not operative at the moment.
Main computer in the room. It’s integrated in the screen so a little space can be saved. You can watch Netflix on it… Or you can hack the security system to unlock the stairs that leads into deeper levels of the building and send a message asking for help.
Every night an armed guard comes at 00:00 and force the scientist to lie down on the mattress. Before the guard leaves, he locks the scientist with these shackles.
Non-alcoholic option to drink. It has a lot of sugar so maybe it is healthier to drink whiskey.
Old fashioned radio. There were some attempts to use it as signal interceptor. It was a failure, so it is now only used to listen to music, sometimes.
This robotic arm is both an screen to watch the tests performed and also the actual scanner to analyse the subject sitting in the experiment chair