Week 12 Textures, textures, textures!

Texture fever is here!

This week I have been working on the textures for several objects so instead of writting a lot, allow me to put down here some renders of this weeks’ work.

Oops! Something went wrong and that’s what all these graphs, parameters and big exclamation mark in the screen want you to know.


Animal and human bodies are kept inside this tank. While the bad guys look for new subjects, the scientist locked in the room has to experiment with his own body.


Our friend is going mad. He’s starting to lose his sanity so he started carving important formulas in different objects. Anyway some unknown quantities are missing in these equations. Maybe its time to get rid off this scientist and kidnap a new one.


Well, no mystery here, this is the robotic arm usually used while conducting experiments. It’s not working very well lately. Reparation will be required probably.
Serial number here! Detail I wanted to show from a closer view because in the previous renders wasn’t noticeable.
What time is it? It’s time to escape!
Let me introduce you to Nikola Tesla. You will find him electrifying!

Doesn’t seem very comfortable. Anyway, subjects who sat there probably didn’t care at all.

I wouldn’t stand near this container for too long. Just in case it’s not properly sealed and some of its content leaks.