WEEK 4 – Blocking tweaks + Extra Research

Last week I was asked for even more information to make my scene stronger in storytelling terms.

So I decided that the building in which my lab is in, was not built in 2107 but was restored and reconditioned from a previous building that was already there. This building is the Department of Polish Language and Literature so it is somehow a building belonging to the University of Krakow. The fact that I miss is to know if this is public or private, although I do not consider it to be something especially relevant. I’ve been thinking about how a Language Department ended up having clandestine labs in it and I came up with an idea. The building could have been reconditioned as a medicine/engineering faculty so experiments could be held there (maybe by the most outstanding students who are kidnapped and forced to work).

The laboratory is located in the building highlighted in blue

In addition, the lab is placed in the first underground level, 5 meters aproximately below the ground floor. But there’s even deeper levels (and this is one of the changes I made to the blocking)

The month in which my environment is set is October and the time of the day is late night (23:00-00:00). Due to this, the sound effects I will add in future stages of my FYP could vary from the ones I woul have choosen if everything was set in a lunch break in mid June, for example.


Knowing all these facts, it’s time to attach a screen capture with the few changes I made to my initial blocking. The changes are:

-Extension of the staircase

-Adding a bit more space

-Adding a second door with another staircase going even further down

-Broken wall*

This one is not still added but I’m thinking of placing a broken wall in front of the door that leads to a deeper level. (I was thinking in a hole similar as the holes seen in Figure 1 and 2). So it looks like it was initially sealed/hidden but the person working there discovered it in one of his/her attempts to escape.

Figure 2
Blocking after applying changes